I am stinkin selfish

I am selfish.
Yup, I want everything to be about me.
If things don’t go my way I get angry.
If you can’t read my thoughts then you are not trying hard enough.
Don’t expect me to show any compassion to you because all I care about is me.

I want you to wait on me.
My time is more important than yours.
Why should I listen to you?
I want what you have and I don’t want you to have it.

When you boil it down every sin comes back to selfishness. Ephesians 4:21-32

  • Lying – makes me look innocent/good
  • Anger – because I don’t like what you did to me
  • Theft – I must have it
  • Slander – makes me look better than you

Instead we should put ourselves after loving God and then loving others:

  • Be truthful – builds up the body (v. 25)
  • Be kind and forgiving – gets rid of our desires and focuses on others (v. 26-27)
  • Be generous – helps us forget that we want something (v. 28)
  • Be encouraging (stupid) – makes others look better than you (v. 29)

Too Fast?

I’ve been trying to slow my life down. My new kid really helped me with this. Especially as I couldn’t go on the spring break mission trip and now my wife said no to me going to India on a mission trip this summer. I need to slow down. The past three years I’ve been going going going. Have you ever felt like that? I just read an article by Rick Warren at pastors.com called “How to slow your life down.” I’ll sum up the article but then you can jump over and read it:

1. Learn Contentment – Philippians 4:12 (NIV): “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.” (I’ve had a really hard time doing this)
2. Obey the fourth commandment
3. Pause and pray before deciding 
4. Learn to say no
5. Trust God’s timing

What have you done to slow down?

New Fav

I have a new favorite magazine, Collide. As I read this tech magazine I get inspired and somehow my stress is reduced. Ironic because normally I’d get depressed thinking how I could never do a majority of this stuff. But as Antwon commented under my defeated post we all need to get back to what God had originally for us. As I’ve been thinking about that I think about my time at FSU with my MIS degree. I am such a geek. I love tech and computers. So anytime I get to involve myself in stuff like this I get invigorated. I’m still coming back to what God’s vision is for my life. Not there yet…soon.


I feel defeated. Do you know what I mean? I feel like I just want to quit…everything. Ministry, my family, my relationships. Have you ever felt like that? I feel so pressured (which I’m not) to do so much. I feel like everyone in the BCM, my church, my family expects more than I can give. A leader is someone who gives responsibilities to others to create leaders. I do this and stuff doesn’t get done. People don’t seem to either remember to do it, constantly ask me how to do it (which in turn I end up doing it…all they do is order it). My sense of trust is gone.

I’m always tired because my mind never stops…there is no finish line. There is always something else to do in ministry. Messages to write, meetings to attend, people to call. There is no way of quantifying an end. No way of “feeling” accomplished. When I was a server there was always an end and a way of feeling accomplished…How much money I made that day.

Is there a web app to fix this God?