How to lead a small group/Bible study

The Bible

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Continuing with the topics from my Ministry Training LifeGroup…

The next topic was how to lead a small group. What’s cool is how this topic also lead into how to study the Bible. Below are the handouts and notes I used. I hope this helps someone out! Remember, the goal of a LifeGroup (or any small group) is not just knowledge but to multiply to see more disciples made.



Conflict Resolution

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Continuing on with my LifeGroup that I’m doing for ministry training, here are some resources on conflict resolution.

Leading or following?






I was wondering today if I was really a leader or a follower? I mean I know I am a follower of Christ. But am I a leader? Do people follow me because I have a title? Because I am the director of the BCM? Or do people follow me because of my love for the Lord, my gifts of casting vision and being the “life of the party?”

I’m kind of disturbed because my dream would be to have a staff that reaches out to every campus in the Tampa Bay area and we just don’t have the resources to do that. But, then I see other organizations hiring people from within with little to no pay.

What is the best way to create leaders within an organization that will want to serve that organization after they are done and graduated? I’m not complaining, well maybe I am. But there has to be a way.

Casting Vision and keeping it

Lately I was getting frustrated by my lack of time for training students in ministry/leadership skills. As I was praying, Brian (my semester missionary) came into my office asking if I wanted to do a LifeGroup. God told me to start a ministry training group. So far we have only met twice but both times went amazing. The students really desire to be trained and seeing how my BCM class back at FSU has about 90% of us in ministry, I figured it would be good to do. So I’ll be posting the resources I use each time and the handouts we create. I say we because it is more discussion based than me teaching because I hate to always do the talking.

The first official week we met we talked about how to cast vision and make it stick. Much of these notes are based on Andy Stanley‘s book: Making Vision Stick. I highly recommend this book because it is short but so powerful. The book defines vision as:

Vision: A mental picture of what could be, fueled by a passion that it should be.

To me, that is a great description because a vision should be solving a problem that you can’t shake from the pits of your stomach. Kind of like what happened in the book of Nehemiah. He was so upset about the wall being broken that the city was in disgrace and danger that he couldn’t sleep. This caused a passion to well up inside Nehemiah and created followers to help him with the vision from God. What a great picture of leadership and a great way for us to learn how to cast vision and make it stick.

Check out the handout: Casting Vision – handout and the notes: Casting Vision.

The five steps mentioned in the book to make vision stick are:

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  1. State it simply
  2. Cast it convincingly
  3. Repeat it regularly
  4. Celebrate it systematically
  5. Embrace it personally (and publicly)

Let me know what you think!

Catalyst 2010 – Most impactful moments pt. 2

So Catalyst 2010 was incredible. I never thought that I would be impacted by Beth Moore (see previous post), just being honest.

Catalyst also provides some of the most worshipful times I have ever been a part of. As a result of Gungor being at Catalyst this year, I have not stopped listening to their album because it reminds me of the time when I was worshiping God without worrying about people around me. It was incredible. Check it out below.

Then check out Perry Noble’s thoughts on 1 Kings. This wrecked me because when I give up on myself I forget that God never gives up on us. Even when we think that nothing is happening, God never stops working. Wow!

I figured out Chick-fil-a’s secret!

Magic Matt and I (one of my USF BCM students) were talking this morning about how he has been recruited to wear the coveted Chick-fil-a cow suit on campus. I began to wonder…what is Chick-fil-a’s secret? I mean they have coupons everywhere (I can feed my family of 6 for $13 with full meals and drinks!) and yet they make a killing in profits with a very limited menu. I can eat there every day and not get sick of it!

Then I realized the secret…church planting!

Yup, that’s it. Think about it. Chick-fil-a is closed across the nation on Sundays. Why? They say to give their employees a “Sabbath.” But, really they are planting churches. Every Sunday a church plant meets in the restaurant and when they grow too big they find their own campus.

How did I come up with this you ask?

  • Coupons are secret tracts that present the Gospel subconsciously.
  • They play music with Christian lyrics in the restaurants.
  • Funding for the church plant comes from Truett Cathy.
  • Their international church plants are getting ready to launch in India because they worship cows there!
  • Their food is so addicting that you have to keep buying it to get your “fix.” Therefore, funding their church plants.

What do you think?