Gods at War // 6 Questions To Help Identify What The Gods Of Pleasure Look Like

We are currently in the middle of a series of talks for Challenge last week titled “Gods At War” based on the book by Kyle Idleman. The book has really helped me see what idols are in my life and how they are taking the place of God in my heart. Through Kyle’s writings I have seen why I act the way I do due to the sin in my life. I was trying to fix the symptom without getting down to finding the thing I was worshipping. When I realized what I worshipped (and it wasn’t always God!), I was able to ask God to remove it so that only He remained.

This week we talked about the gods of pleasure. The gods of food, sex and entertainment. The gods of pleasure take our worship from god and tell us that we can be filled by them if we worship them. They even sometimes lie and say you can double dip – have idols and the one true God. But we can see what happens when we try and double dip. We get left feeling empty because God will not share our heart.

Below are 6 questions that can help you identify if you the gods of pleasure are winning the war for your heart:

1. Where do you find comfort?

The Fridge? A video game? The Word of God?

2. How well do you control your thought life?

What are you constantly thinking about…or trying not to think about? We are constantly barraged with sexual images and advertisements that tell us to be filled up with things that can wage war on the throne of our hearts.

3. What might be lacking in your intimacy with God

Do you think he is not involved in your life? Do you believe he desires your whole heart? Do you believe that he is real?

4. What forms of entertainment have most affected your worldview?

Do you get your opinions from Facebook? Does your view of sex come from the shows or movies you watch or the songs you listen to? Are you angrier after you finish playing a video game?

5. Where and when have you exhibited the most passion and excitement?

At what venues have you been the most emotionally engaged? A Concert? Having sex outside of marriage? Looking at Porn? Eating? How would you compare it to when you worship the Lord?

6. What kinds of entertainment media have you found to be the most addictive? 

Facebook? Netflix? Tinder? Trivia Crack? (j/k I love this game but it is so addictive!) Super Smash Bros? The bachelor? Your phone?

Use these questions to help you determine if God is on the throne of your heart or some idol.

A.W. Tozer – “The great god of entertainment” – The more vibrant our inner lives are, the less we need from the outside – that is, the more active we are in mind and spirit, the less we need to fall back on external media and other input.


Looking for the USF BCM Scavenger Hunt? You are in the right place. Here is the third question:
Who spoke at Challenge on April 1 (fools day!), 2014 and what was the title of their message?

Hint: go here.


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