Gods at War // 4 Questions To Help Identify What The Gods Of Success Look Like

We are currently in the middle of a series of talks for Challenge last week titled “Gods At War” based on the book by Kyle Idleman. The book has really helped me see what idols are in my life and how they are taking the place of God in my heart. Through Kyle’s writings I have seen why I act the way I do due to the sin in my life. I was trying to fix the symptom without getting down to finding the thing I was worshipping. When I realized what I worshipped (and it wasn’t always God!), I was able to ask God to remove it so that only He remained.

This week we talked about the gods of success. The gods of money, achievements and successes can easily become our source of security and satisfaction and significance.

Below are 4 questions that can help you identify if you the gods of success are winning the war for your heart:

1. What drives your desire to be successful?

What motivates you? Is it for your own glory or for God’s?

2. How often do you compare what you have with what others have?

What we make and what we own isn’t a measure of success in God’s economy.

3. To what extent are your dreams and goals driven by money?

Do you dream of winning the lottery? Of living in wealth and luxury? Or owning that sweet candy apple red viper (sorry had a moment)? Why do you dream of those things? Or do you dream of the opportunity to have freedom to help others, to go on mission trips, to help others go on mission trips, to fund a poor economy within another county? To help God’s Kingdom grow? Or do you just want to have the goal of feeling successful?

4. What is your attitude toward giving?

When someone asks you for money (a church, friend, campus ministry, charity, etc) are you annoyed? Or do you find joy? FYI giving away money helps break the power of the god of money.

Use these questions to help you determine if God is on the throne of your heart or some idol.

Looking for the USF BCM Scavenger Hunt? You are in the right place. Here is the second question:
Who said this quote and on what Pinterest board is it on?

Your obedience in doing the slightest word from God sets in motion His activity in your life and in the world around you

Hint: go here.

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