Gods at War // 7 Questions To Help Identify Idols In Your Life

We started a new series for Challenge last week titled “Gods At War” based on the book by Kyle Idleman. The book has really helped me see what idols are in my life and how they are taking the place of God in my heart. Through Kyle’s writings I have seen why I act the way I do due to the sin in my life. I was trying to fix the symptom without getting down to finding the thing I was worshipping. When I realized what I worshipped (and it wasn’t always God!), I was able to ask God to remove it so that only He remained.

Below are the 7 questions from the book that I talked about last week. Going through these can help identify what idols you might have winning the war of your heart right now:

1. What disappoints you?

Disproportionate disappointment (being overwhelmed by disappointment) reveals that we have placed intense hope and longing in something other than God.

Erwin Lutzer – Have you ever thought that our disappointments are God’s way of reminding us that there are idols in our lives that must be dealt with?

2. What do you complain about the most?

What we complain about shows what really matters to us – whining is the opposite of worshipping the Lord. Worship is when we glorify God for who he is and acknowledge what he has done for us, but whining is ignore who God is and forgetting what he has done for us.

3. Where do you make financial sacrifices?

Where your treasure is where your heart will be.

4. What worries you?

Are you worried about losing someone close to you? Or it could be the fear of being ridiculed or being alone – you can care about something so deeply that it keeps you up at night and has the potential to be an idol.

5. Where is your sanctuary?

Where do you go when you are hurting? If you’ve had a terrible day do you go to your fridge? Do you vent to a friend? Do you seek escape in novels or movies? Where do you look for emotional rescue? – God is our refuge and strength. Pg 38 Ps 46:1-

6. What infuriates you?

Are you so competitive that you cant stand losing? I hate at losing in Madden to Griffin – he is so good though and it drives me nuts! The worst is when I play with Matthan and I throw him the ball and his player is on the floor and misses the catch. I go Matthan what happened? He says,  “I like it when he falls, it’s funny!” Ugh! Being the best at what I do could be an idol I have.

Do you go nuts in traffic? When someone cuts you off how do you respond? Why does this stranger have so much power over your emotions?

7. What are your dreams?

Aspirations are fine but why do you dream of those things? Is your motivation for your own glory or for God’s?


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