Finding encouragement today

This week I’ve been pretty discouraged. Not sure why, we just ended one of our most successful years here at the BCM. Plus on top of that I had the opportunity to speak at Mississippi College’s chapel to 1200 students as well as help launch an amazing resource for collegiate ministry (

Maybe i’ts because I haven’t caught my breath yet from all the insanity, or that I haven’t taken the time to really rest or maybe that I’m still high on this past year and I just want more. Regardless of what it was I decided to ask God to encourage me this morning and it was not what I expected.

As soon as I was done praying I saw a dad and his son skipping into the school I had just dropped my son off at. For some reason that just made me happy (like the song). I realized God had answered my prayer almost immediately. I wasn’t just happy but I was encouraged. I don’t know why that encouraged me. However, I do know that God reminded me He is always listening and ready to bring back our joy.

Today, look for God to encourage you and remind you that He loves you. He doesn’t always do it the way you would expect so pay attention.

How has God encouraged you?


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