What’s Your Reach: A Social Media Series – Part 3

During the third installment of this blog series I want to talk about what exactly social media is…so I found this really sweet graphic on Mashable to help with it!


This graphic explains all the ways advertising companies can market their business through social media. When I first looked at this graphic I was like “Seriously! There are that many social media outlets?” I never realized it. Most of the time I just focus on a couple: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now, we are exploring the options of a couple more outlets: SlideShare, Youtube, Vine, Disqus, and some others.

So, as you can see Social Media is here to stay and is not a fad. What’s even more interesting is that if you go to that Mashable post and look at the previous Social Media Conversation Prisms from previous years, you can see how many more outlets are available from previous years. The growth rate is incredible. What intrigue’s me most about this is that we don’t realize how many things are actually a part of the social media landscape.

Based on this graphic, how effective is your reach? How do you feel college students interact with your brand/ministry on social media? Is it worth it to focus on a ton of outlets?


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