Campus Ministry Tech Part 1

I am taking a break from the social media series to give you some sweet resources I’ve found. There are currently 6 billion mobile phones in the world today. By the end of 2013 there will be more mobile phones than humans on the planet. Texting is probably what I use the most to communicate with college students. Here are some resources that we use here at the USF BCM. Let me know if you plan to use any!

  • Simple Texting – We use this to gather names of incoming freshman during orientations by giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card. It costs about $25 a month for unlimited messages to 250 subscribers
  • Poll Everywhere – We use this during messages where the message will go. I’ve also used it during seminars to see who was in the room. Great way to ask a question and get responses. Free for the first 40 responses.
  • Remind101 – Use it for my class to keep in touch with students but thinking of adopting it org wide. Cost is completely free!
  • Gmail Texting – (from my boy Jim Whaley!) We use it to gather prayer requests and keep in contact with different groups of people. Cost is completely free!

Texting is a great technology to use to reach students! Don’t miss out on the mobile market but not using cell phones to expand the Kingdom.

Also, I’ve created a google doc where we can add and see all the tech services available to reach college students. Feel free to check it out.

Here is a bonus for you (sorry, it’s a cheesy church sign, hahahahaha):



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