Are you Weird about sex?


We are currently in the middle of the series “Weird” at the USF BCM.  I wasn’t expecting this series to be so impacting but God has been doing some crazy things here at the BCM. (Lord, help me have faith ha!) The latest topic that we covered was what does it look like to be Weird with your view on sex? This created an explosion of questions and a need for resources. Therefore, I am posting some of the resources we covered here and the podcast will be up soon.

Whatever you are dealing with know that God desires for you to run back into His arms so He can release you of these sexual chains. Feel free to contact us if you need prayer, guidance, ANYTHING! This area of your life is what I call a gateway drug (get a free hit and you can’t stop). However, if you will allow God to renew your mind (Romans 12:2) then the rest of your worries can be turned to peace by the blood of Jesus Christ!

Here we go:

  • Porn: X3watch is a free (there is a more robust paid version as well) accountability program that sends emails to someone who you trust. The emails consist of websites you have visited and links you have clicked (talk about putting the fear of God in you when someone calls you out!). The software is provided by an amazing ministry called X3Church
  • Internet Filtering: Covenant Eyes is like X3watch but also includes filtering – much more robust in it’s security. There is no free option on this but what does sexual immorality cost? (hint: everything! Your life, your family, your job…)
  • Sexual Sins Information: Our Pinterest has tons of articles that will hopefully help you overcome your addictions/sinful nature by pointing you back to the only thing that is more beautiful than sin (that matters anyways) // Jesus Christ. (Check out the Porn-Again Christians article)
  • Women: Messed up? Fallen? Feelings of shame and guilt? Can’t feel God’s presence? Can’t run to God because of all these feelings? You NEED to check out the book Gift-Wrapped By God! My wife and I can’t recommend this book for every female enough. We give it out like water here. Women have been freed from the trap that the enemy creates and have been able to see God as their Father again.

1/3 of all women now look at pornography. Rapes are happening more and more on college campuses. The sex-slave industry is bigger now than any other time in history. This is normal for most people…normal isn’t working…let’s be Weird.


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