Stories from Engage24: First Update

The purpose of Engage24 was to not see salvations (don’t shoot me yet), even though you will hear about people being saved in the stories below. The purpose was this:

ENGAGE24 is a 24 hour period when college students will make a coordinated effort to engage their campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ourdesire is to see every believing college student share the Gospel with one person that day.

We want to see more college students, who are Christ followers, to share their faith on a regular basis. Engage24 was to give students a “taste” of the joy you receive when Christ is proclaimed on college campuses! As one girl put it:

“This is amazing. I want to share Christ every day!”


Here are the early stories of 10-11-12:

From Kentucky

G went to the student center and talked to a gentleman who was sitting along. He turned out to be agnostic and G began to have a spiritual conversation with Him. He said that he never really had grown up learning about God or going to church but he thinks that there could be God. G responded that he believes there is a God and then used the BRIDGE evangelism tool to share the gospel. The young man wanted to come to BCM and G got his email.

From Hawai’i

Please pray for the University of Hawaii at Manoa BCM.
A few minutes ago, at UH Manoa campus, the LGBT club started hosting “coming out day.”  They have reserved all the tables at campus center, but have given BCM a table.
The backstory: BCM and LGBT have history.  Last year BCM students befriended LGBT students, and great stuff happened.  BCM hosted the LGBT Thanksgiving dinner, and led a Bible study for LGBT.  The friendship continues.  BCM leads a weekly Bible study, plans go forward for the joint Thanksgiving event, and visits to BCM events and one of our local churches continue.

From Florida

A goal of one of our students was to share her faith with her dad today. He prayed to receive Christ this morning! Praise Jesus!

Another student did Soularium outside of his house with a youth. He found out that the high school student was on the way to commit suicide, got saved, and now has decided to not commit suicide and live for Christ!!!!! Praise the Lord!

If you want to know what is next…it’s discipleship. Check out the Next section of Engage24


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