Why Engage24?

Within the pages of Scripture and throughout the history of the world, God has been seeking people to engage Him, and then to engage the world with the gospel of Jesus.  Engage24 is a 24-hour period focused on engaging the world with the good news of Christ.  While Engage24 is intensely focused on a single day of evangelism (10/11/12), our mission is to promote a 24/7 lifestyle of evangelism and engagement with the gospel.

ENGAGE24 is a 24 hour period when college students will make a coordinated effort to engage their campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ourdesire is to see every believing college student share the Gospel with one person that day.

We are engaging on 10/11/12. will you?

Why Engage24? Why a day of evangelism? Who cares? What good will this do? Won’t this anger people more?

I am on a team called the BCNet (Baptist Collegiate Network) Evangelism team. The purpose of our team is “to change the collegiate evangelistic culture.” Our desire is to basically see more college students sharing their faith—sharing about the amazing good news of Jesus Christ. So we said we can’t really do this, this is way too big for us to tackle….or is it? That is how Engage24 came about and we are so excited about it. The goal of the day is not salvations, even though God is going to bring people to him. The goal is simply for those college students who have never shared their faith because they are scared, don’t have the knowledge, or really haven’t tasted the goodness of seeing someone believe in Jesus.

We hope to change the culture of evangelism on college campuses across North America as a result of this day. We have already begun to hear stories of how students are becoming more bold and seeing their friends saved. Will you join us? Watch this video below for more information:


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