Free digital version of the New American Commentary – Full Set!!! ***Dead

Have you ever used the New American Commentary? I love using it for my sermon prep and Bible study because it is easy to read and provides tons of information! I want the whole print set but it is stinking expensive. But, get this, you can get the digital version for free! The full Old Testament and New Testament set! Here’s how:

  1. Go to My Study Bible
  2. Register for an account (it’s free)
  3. Enter code SDZ5JHXE3J – must be all caps
  4. Get the whole stinking set for free!

They even have a mobile site for your iPad or smartphone! I couldn’t believe it either. Especially, since I just bought a print version of the 1 and 2 Timothy book. I am so pumped about this that I had to share!


33 thoughts on “Free digital version of the New American Commentary – Full Set!!! ***Dead

  1. Just wanted to thank you for the info on the free commentary–NAC has always been one of my favorite–& as a pastor I use this on a daily basis–God bless brother

  2. As of May, 8th 2013 the website is back up, and the code works perfectly!!! Thank you so much!!! May God Bless you

  3. I entered the code, got it but I only see the 1st book. Haven’t figured out how to get to any other volume and it appears to be an online version only. When I entered the code and it was accepted stating that it was good for 365 days. Anyone else get this or can you download for offline reading?

  4. OK, I figured out how to get to the other books. Duh, but I can’tdownload them. Is that by design? If so, I’m limited to when I can use them.

    • I can only get Genesis and I noticed Morgan found out how to open the other books. Could you please help me out and let me know how you opened the other books? Thanks so much!!!

  5. Nevermind!!! Just figured out how. For those who may come along later and take advantage of this excellent deal; go to library and click the commentaries link. Once there, click NAC commentaries and pick which book you would like to study.

    With my limited resources and serving as a pastor of a church who the previous pastor stole a massive amount of money that placed the Church in bankruptcy, I can not tell you how wonderful a resource this is!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!

    • glad you figured it out too. Yes, it is a great resource. Like you, I’m a limited budget. God does provide, all you have to do is ask 🙂

  6. Please Help!!!! Can’t find the exact location to enter the code. I clicked the link again and a box never showed up!!! If anyone knows how to enter the code please help!


  7. I signed up for “membership” but could not find a link for “library” or a “commentaries link” or anything else or any way to put in the code… Just so ya know…

  8. I’m thinking this deal is dead now
    Just kidding, it still works! After redeeming the code. Click on the library tab on the top left. Then search New American and you will see all of them.

  9. I tried entering the redemption code and it says “Redemption codes are only active for a limited time.
    The time period for this code has expired.” Bummer! If I am doing something wrong and it’s still active I would love to know. Thank you!

  10. Wow, I just found this and unfortunately the promo is over. If anyone finds another promo-code PLEASE POST HERE, I WOULD LOVE THIS! Thanks 🙂

  11. My friend just got this promo yesterday, but I can’t get it to work. I go to the redemption area in the store and it says its expired. I go to my library, nothing. Help?! I’d love to have this.

  12. This promo is over and the listing needs to be removed as it is now false information and a waste of time for the seeker. That is unless someone is aware of another promo code offering the same thing

  13. you should really close this site because it’s called “Bait and Switch”. You bait people by offering a code that doesn’t work and then you get them to sign up for an account….locking them into your system with no way to cancel their account. It’s basically the same thing car salesmen do. They advertise a low-priced car, get you on the lot then keep you there till you’re exhausted running credit checks on you and keep offering you other garbage cars, then pull out the really cool car and get you to sign up and buy the car you didn’t even come for. This is really bad practice and scheming and I can’t believe Jesus would be involved with something this sneaky and shoddy. You should be ashamed at luring people into the website like a lion seeking whom you may devour. I will have nothing to do with your website now.

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