Repost: Who are you inviting?

Easter is this Sunday. Who are you inviting? I was listening to Perry Noble today during one of his Unleash talks. He said,

If you are making disciples that don’t make disciples then you aren’t making disciples.

So who have you invited to church? Then when they said no, did you invite them again? and again? and again? Don’t give up, many people today would not be followers of Christ if others had given up. I am praying for hundreds of thousands of people to get saved this Sunday. Below are some resources of church services in the Tampa area. If you are not in the Tampa area and are looking for a church please contact me asap and I’ll help you find a place to go.

Tampa Area:

Good Friday Services:

One thought on “Repost: Who are you inviting?

  1. Also, Underground Church is holding an Easter service called “RISE” at the Tampa Theater!

    Sunday, April 8, 2012
    10:00am until 12:00pm
    Tampa Theater: 711 North Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602

    No matter what you think about Christians or Christianity, it is hard to deny the significance of the life of Jesus and his lasting imprint upon the world. It is equally hard to deny the insignificance of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies as a meaningful representation of hi…s resurrection from the dead.

    His story deserves to be told. RISE will be a thoughtful look at the man Jesus and his lasting impact. We have chosen Easter morning to tell this story, to wrestle with its implications and its call upon our world, because we believe that there is more to Easter than candied eggs and white rabbits.

    All are welcome, and all are warned. His story is more than inspiration – it is a challenge to the imagination. Easter is a day celebrating the memory of resurrection. If true, if we dare believe it, what does that mean for our world? What comes with the rising of the Son?

    We mean for the morning to be both thought provoking and life giving equally to those who believe this story and those who don’t.

    [Childcare will be provided]!/events/184539188328050/

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