5 tips for college students on spring break

As you start your spring break here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time:

1. Set Your Spring Break Schedule

There are so many things you want to do (or not do) during this next week. I recommend creating a schedule so that you don’t “waste” any time. I don’t mean that you should schedule every minute of your day. That happens enough throughout the semester already. I am talking about a loose schedule of things you want to do and on what days to to them. For example, write down everything you want to get done this next week. Then put them on what days you want to do them. For example, Homework/study on Monday and Wednesday, movies on Thursday (or everyday!), beach on Friday, run around in a circle on Saturday, stress out on Sunday, etc.

2. Catch Up

There so many things you need to catch up on right? How about actually studying during your break? Woah, that’s a scary thought but you would be surprised because many collegians actually do this! Why not spend just a little bit of time catching up on the classes you are behind in. But, studying isn’t the only thing that you can catch up on. How about catching up with friends who didn’t go out of town for the break? Renew those relationships because you will never have this kind of free time again. Another thing you could catch up on is rest. Sleeping is great but resting is better. You can rest your mind from the stresses of life by just reading for an hour or doing something else that can stimulate your mind but allow your body to rest.

3. Spend Time With God

If you are a Christian you can do this by reading your Bible and praying. If you are not a Christian you can do this by reading your Bible and praying! Seriously, haven’t you said to yourself, “Self, you should get back to going to church, talking to God, and reading my Bible.” Why not spend some time just reading God’s Word and talking with Him. Where to start? How about the book of John, which is the fourth book in the New Testament. Take about an hour everyday during the break and make it a habit. If you want a small daily snippet (what we call here a devo) head over to the InTouch daily devotional. If you aren’t a Christian and want to know more about the Good News of how God loves you and has a plan for your life, head over to The Story to learn more.

4. Don’t Be Stupid

We use this saying at the USF BCM all the time! But seriously, don’t be stupid. If you are going on a trip and plan on drinking be careful where you leave your drink, don’t drink a ton and be safe whatever you do. Always have people YOU TRUST by your side. The stories you have heard are true, especially in other countries. Many times, your friends will also dare you to do stupid things. Be wise in your decisions and don’t fall to peer pressure. If you are follower of Christ don’t be stupid and give in to Satan’s lies. He wants you to mess up during this break, feel too guilty to stand before God and give up. Stay in the Bible and He will give you wisdom (Proverbs 8:10-11).

5. Have Fun

Yes, you are allowed to have fun. Tear it up and have a great time. If you have to study set aside at least one day to bbq with your friends, go to the beach, relax a little. Like I said earlier, you will never have more time in your life than now. When you do have fun, make it count, don’t be frivolous with your money but be wise with it by building relationships with people.

Do you have any other tips you would add to this list?


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