Love of God will keep you from stumbling

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Well, now that insanity week is over I can blog more regularly.

Psalm 21:7 – For the king trusts in the LORD. The unfailing love of the Most High will keep him from stumbling.

This verse hit me hard today. When we get tired/stressed we can stumble in many forms: lust, anger, reliance upon ourselves, trust in knowledge, etc. However, if we truly love the LORD, He will keep us from stumbling. How does that work?

We need to daily renew our trust and love in Jesus Christ. We are human: we forget, move on, get tired, give up. But, no action can keep us from stumbling, only love for our savior can. Is the LORD more lovely to you than your sin? If not, then you WILL stumble and fall. Today, look for ways to show your love for the LORD.

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