Leadership is based on relationships

Leaders often fall or rise based on the strength and vitality of their relationships.

That is the quote in the devo book I am giving to all my leaders to read during the summer: I3: Devotions for Leadership & Life. As I was reading it this morning I noticed that many times, as a leader/director, I use people instead of “giving” to people. The books talks about the prodigal son and how he selfishly asked for all of his inheritence NOW instead of after his father had passed. Then, he left and squandered it on things that culture said he needed (or wanted). However, it wasn’t until he lost everything and became humble in the sight of his father that his relationships were renewed.

Have you ever felt the pain of a broken relationship and then waited until they made the first move? When that happens to me I feel a sense of death and emptiness until that relationship is restored. We stay busy or work harder or even just avoid the person in order to deal with the feeling of loss. But, until I go and humble myself (even if it wasn’t my fault) and talk about my desire to have a healthy relationship, I am not “whole” again.

When I invest in and keep healthy openness with those in my world, I am more complete

1 John 4:10-11 says: “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”

If you as a leader are a “taker” then the environment around you will be the same. Everyone will want to make sure they get their share…survival.

If you decide to be the opposite, giving and serving, then the culture will be a generous one:

  • “Everyone receives from the top”
  • Generosity grows and thrives
  • Everyone feels as if they are a part of something that has meaning

Our souls hunger for relationships…that is what people need from their leaders. Someone to invest in them.

Ask yourself these questions (these are straight out of the book):

  1. Am I looking to others to meet my needs? How are others looking to meet their needs through me?
  2. Are there relationships in my life or organization that are being neglected? What can I do to invest in those people?
  3. In what two import relationships can I begin to serve? What have I received that I can give?

Check out Perry Noble’s post on “Do You Want a Loyal Staff?


3 thoughts on “Leadership is based on relationships

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  2. Rahul, I’m glad I came across your site here and this is a great article. I watch the subject of relationships and am happy to see someone else who writes about relationships and leadership being connected together. Your questions are spot on, the ideas we have around serving others need to feed into both relationships and leadership to make them work and if you ask me, leadership really is just a focused approach to steer people, but all done through the same principles that any solid relationships requires. Really enjoyed this and am glad to connect!

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