Free Drive 2010 Ticket!

Yes, I’m serious. I won a ticket to Drive 2010 from Catalyst and thought I would be able to attend (any chance to hear Andy live is a treat for me!). When I was literally across from his office last week, I became so sad ha! Anyways, the conference is May 3rd – 5th (literally next week!). So if you would like to go compliments of our boys at Catalyst here is how you do it:

To win the Drive 2010 (currently $329) ticket:

  1. TWEET THIS: Win a ticket to the DRIVE Conference (Oh Snap!), May 3-5. Comment on this post and any other + RT to enter:  #Drive2010
  2. COMMENT ON ANY OTHER POST: comment on any other post on my blog (the comment SHOULD be about the post)
  3. COMMENT BELOW: with your twitter name and the post you commented on
  4. I’ll pick a winner from C tomorrow at 11am EST and announce it via my twitter (@rahulusfbcm)

2 thoughts on “Free Drive 2010 Ticket!

  1. Dude, if you still have this ticket available I would LOVE to have it. I’m flying to ATL tomorrow and was planning on registering on-location, because registration is now closed. I just became a children’s pastor three weeks ago and am planning on switching over to the 252 Basics curriculum, and am looking forward to seeing it in action at NPCC. Let me know! Thanks!


  2. Brent,
    I have an online code that was supposed to be used by Friday, however You can try to use it at registration and tell them what happened. Do this, hit me up on twitter and I’ll DM you the code @rahulusfbcm. Send me a reply when you are on.

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