Bible Illuminated

Yesterday I had the honor to have a cup of coffee with my good friend Victor. He is a collegiate church planter in Canada but originates from South Africa. While we were talking he mentioned a new way of printing the Bible called the Bible Illuminated. I was intrigued as he mentioned that Dag Soderberg (who is THE advertising guy in Sweden!) created it. His reasoning behind creating the book was that many laws are based upon the Bible, it is the best selling book of all time and it contains much of our history. He wants people to constantly be reading this “holy” book. However, he is not a believer! That’s amazing!

What is the goal of publishing The Book?

There is no religious mission behind The Book. We believe that its success will be driven by the fact that this is not coming from any specific faith, religion or church. We are from many faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs; ultimately we are trying to create something for the many and not just for the few. The goal is to drive an emotional reaction and get people to think, discuss and share. It’s meant to trigger bigger moral questions that will in turn help people to understand the common heritage between all religions through the Bible’s text. We hope people will find the images, design and layout intriguing—intriguing enough to talk about the actual stories in the Bible and what the morals and lessons mean to them. The more you know, the more you can participate in discussions about the world and understand the bigger picture.

Taken from the Amazon product page

I’m pumped about this as a new way of getting people to look at something in a whole new light. What a great way to share Christ. Not through a deceptive “oh look at this really cool magazine” but just a fresh perspective. The book really stands out because it has pictures of Bono, Angelina Jolie, a woman giving birth and some graphic pictures as well. I just ordered mine and it comes with 2! I can’t wait to put one on my table at home to see if visitors will pick it up.

Go to Bible Illuminated to learn more about it, let me know what you think.


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