ABC Bible Study Method

Every leader at the BCM is getting discipled by staff. I have three guys and staff has four girls. We meet weekly for one-on-one time where we talk about their Timothy (the person they are discipling) and who they are investing in. We also are going through Ephesians together. In order to do this we are using the ABC Bible Study Method by Intervarsity.

Ever since I started using this method of studying the Word I have gleaned (yes, I just went there) so much from God. I have studied Ephesians before but now this method has helped me see so much that I missed. The reason is how I am able to study each paragraph and then piece together the chapter within the whole book to truly get the big picture that God has revealed. I love it!

I’ve always done verse by verse and section by section but by going through each paragraph in the NLT (I love the way they section paragraphs) I have seen how God is truly using Paul to speak to the church as a whole unified body.

Try it out and let me know what you think. 


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