A reminder…

Yesterday morning, during my time with God, I asked Him to show me that He has everything under control – that He is in charge. This week has been very stressful with our family still being sick, a conference I am planning, working on national stuff, and a meeting that announced budget and positions being cut this week (and it is only Wednesday morning as I write this). Plus my wife’s camera is acting up when we have a wedding this weekend and next weekend to shoot. Did I mention it is only Wednesday morning?

Sitting in my car, spending time in the Word, He reminded me of my request yesterday. Then He reminded me of two messages I had received last night.

The first was a student. I rarely receive encouragement from students (not like I’m expecting it especially since Catalyst as I have been focused in making God’s mark and not mine). But, when I do it is nice. However, this message blew me away because it was from someone I didn’t expect. The message ended with “You’ve been a major impact in my life and growth as a believer.” Wow!

The second was disheartening and worried me. It made my mind start racing about what it meant for me.

Both these messages made me realize that I need to just “be obedient to God and let Him take are of the consequences” (Charles Stanley). No matter what happens God is in control, good or what seems like it at the time…bad.

Kind of funny how God works, He could’ve just told me. Nope. He helped me realize what was already happening.


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