It’s gone too far…

During E3 (the biggest video game conference) EA games wanted to promote their new game coming out in 2010 titled “Dante’s Inferno.” The way they did was pretty funny and upsetting at the same time. They hired people to ACT as Christian protesters who wanted the game banned. Read more about it here.

I was not upset about it and thought it was funny. Wrong…but funny. But, now they might have gone too far…

The video below was really funny when I thought it was a joke. Basically, it is going to church (actually Mass) as a video game called “Mass: We Pray.” Then I went to the website it promoted and found out that it was legit! I could not believe it! So I still thought it was a joke until I clicked on the “Pre-Order Now” button. When I did, I yelled “hell no!” (no pun intended…kind of)

The website/promo video/game was promoting the Dante’s Inferno game for EA again! However the thing that upset me the most was that after clicking the button a popup for the game came up and wanted you to put an application on your Facebook page that says “Damn they fellow sinners to hell on Facebook with the Go To Hell Application.” I feel that EA went to far with that one. The Mass: We Pray was pretty funny but damn your fellow sinners to hell does not help my cause of helping people experience the love of Christ!


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