I was recently asked some questions about how I delegate and what I delegate and thought that maybe someone else can benefit. Below are the questions and answers I gave. Let me know what you think!

1. How did you learn how to delegate? Were there times when you did not want to delegate?

  • Honestly, I hate delegating, I am a control freak, especially when I can get it done faster and better. However, I want to create leaders, not robots so I have to delegate. I first learned this the hard way, in the beginning I tried to do everything. I crashed and burned. I just don’t have the time to do what God wants me to do if I do EVERYTHING! When I heard a favorite pastor of mine Craig Groeschel ( say “When you delegate tasks, you get followers. When you delegate authority, you develop leaders” I learned that I needed to start delegating. I learned by just doing it, I started with little things like can you decorate for a party, help me figure out to do for this event, stuff like that. Now I can give a full event away, and not worry about it. Seriously, I just got to that point for the first time we have a dance tomorrow night and I know nothing about it. It is great! Delegating authority is different. I’ve given authority to my semester missionary and it is nice to not have to worry about getting something done.

2. I’m a big fan of empowerment, and I think this is very important especially when delegating. How can one delegate without coming across as negative, domineering, pushy, or lazy?

  • This is really hard. You can’t delegate to someone who isn’t expecting it. The person must be receptive. I’ve been known for barking orders because “I’m the boss.” Delegating is great when you find someone and know they love to do what you are asking. I’ve learned delegating is a result of discipleship otherwise you are just getting people to do tasks. Like the previous quote, delegating authority is not being pushy, it’s saying “I trust you, I believe in you to make this amazingly successful.” But, if you don’t have that relationship of a mentor/coach-mentee/coachee (is that a word? it is now!) it will seem a little pushy.

3. What kind of advice can you offer to people with a chronic problem of Moses-itis (not delegating – as in Genesis 18)?

  • Ha! for me it took me crashing. But, something that helped me was, what do you hate doing? (Good to Great – Jim Collins) What are your red lights? That suck energy from you. Can you give them to someone else? It took me realizing that if I kept doing it, then I am not trusting God but myself and my ministry will be severely limited. As a result, I wanted to change.

4. What do you do when someone does not complete the task or project that you have delegated to them? A secondary question to that one is this: How do you handle defiance, laziness, or lackluster performance? (From what I understand about your ministry, excellence is the only way. I’m curious, though, how you foster that kind of community.)

  • After every event/task/authority I meet with the person to see how everything went. Any “ball dropped” is discussed as well as “home runs.” I talk about what can we do better next time, what needs to change, why that happened and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • I hate this question b/c I deal with it way too much. When a person just doesn’t seem to “perform” repeatedly, I remove them from the authority/task and move them to something that “is a green light (Good to Great again)” If that doesn’t work I tell them, when you are ready to work like Colossians 3:23 says then come back.

5. In your opinion, what are the top three benefits of delegating?

  • Developing leaders!
  • Getting freed up to focus on what God wants you to do.
  • Stuff I don’t like to do, God made someone else to like it!

Hopefully this interview will help someone out. Let me know if it does.


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