Integrity in the New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts

So we just finished a series called IQ (You can get the messages here or on Itunes) which stood for Integrity Quotient. We talked about how living a life with high intelligence doesn’t always mean you are seen in the greatest of light, especially as a follower of Christ. You still must have a high Integrity Quotient in order to be taken seriously. If you aren’t trustworthy or a person with honesty and authenticity, you aren’t worth following and neither is what you are following.

I was watching the Colts vs. the Patriots last night on Monday Night Football and was amazed at how good of a game it was. After the game I always watch what the coaches and players do in the background (or foreground, depending on the reporters) and saw something that made me yell! Bill  Belichick, the coach for the Patriots (who lost at the last second), ran towards the locker rooms as soon as the game ended. On the way Jim Caldwell, the Colts’ coach, goes to shake Bill’s hand. Bill basically slaps his hand and never misses a step in his fast pace walking, not even talking with Jim. After that his bodyguards literally knocked down all the reporters on the way to the locker room so that Bill wouldn’t have to talk with any of them. That is a great example of integrity…or lack thereof.

What’s interesting is how a Colts player ran and caught with Bill just to thank him. Ya, he got totally pushed as well! Dirty! But, after that a true display of integrity happened from the Patriots (well except for Tom Brady who also went to straight to the locker room). Many of the players were talking, laughing and hugging the Colts. Blew me away because normally a team follows their coach’s lead. However, this time they didn’t and did the exact opposite of what Bill did. Wow, I am not a fan of the Patriots (I do think Wes Welker is the real deal) but now I see them in  a different light. I still won’t root for them, just the fins but at least they have some integrity, unlike their coach.

How have you seen an example of integrity recently?


3 thoughts on “Integrity in the New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts

  1. Great article. I did not watch after the win and I’m glad I came here to your site. Bill is a great coach as so many are in their profession. Sadly it seems that his true human nature shown throw and I’m not sure it wasn’t just immaturity moreso than anything else. Regardless, I see from your tags to the right that you might be religious so I’ll just say sin is sin.

    I’m glad for the integrity of the team members and their sportsmanlike actions. It’s how a role model should behave.

    • Hey Tom,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not saying that he is “sinning” but that, like you mentioned, it showed his true human nature in a time when he was upset. I believe that our true selves come out when we have been hurt or disappointed.

      He is a great coach…just sometimes he makes me wonder. Know what I mean?

      • I do understand, and I left a link on my site for visitors to get the opportunity to read this post. I see quit a few visitors have already been here.

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