Catalyst 09 is here!

Ok, I’m ready, no you don’t understand I need this right now. I am confessing sins like crazy, I am praying like crazy. I need Catalyst now. I have so many questions that need answering. I have so many dead spots in my life. I need a rejuvenation and I need it now. I am ready for something to give me that spark. Are you? Please keep me accountable to blog about Catalyst when I get back so I keep a record of everything that God will do in me and through me.

I’m ready…

Here are some ways of getting ready for Catalyst:

First of all, read this

and this

It is a great explanation of what to expect at Catalyst.
But the thing you must do first is pray up. Start praying now for what God is going to do next Thursday and Friday. Pray that you are clear of any distractions and that your heart (and ears) are ready to hear what God has for you. You might not agree with everything but it will make you think outside of the box.

On Thursday, be there before the doors open if you want a good seat and good free stuff! We probably won’t be able to sit together because of how hard it is to get a group of roughly 30 people together amidst 16000 others. So get your seat then go get free stuff (Dave Ramsey’s booth usually gives away iPods).

Here is what to expect during the event:
1. Your brain will hurt – it is a lot of sitting and listening. There are times of worship and random fun times but much of it is listening and taking it in. There are breaks but are so short that you feel like you should just pee in your pants!

2. The schedule for Thursday is:
8:30am – session 1 – YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THE OPENER!
10:15am – break
10:45am – session 2
12:15pm – lunch
1:45pm – session 3
3:15pm – break
3:45pm – session 4
4:45pm – break
5:00pm – session 5
6:00pm – break
8:00pm – session 6

Friday is:
8:30am – session 7
10:15am – break
10:45am – session 8
12:15pm – lunch
1:45pm – session 9
3:15pm – break
3:45pm – session 10
5:30pm – boo! done!

Be prepared to have an amazing time of leadership and God!
Also, give some love to Chad Johnson who always takes care of us and hooked us up with great ticket prices. Pray for the rest of us going as well as yourself and be prepared to be blown away!

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3 thoughts on “Catalyst 09 is here!

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you again for making it possible for me to attend the Catalyst Conference. It was so awesome! The speakers were great—Andy Stanley, Shane Hipps, Tony Dungy, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Priscilla Shirer, Dave Ramsey, Chuck Swindoll, and Louie Giglio—to name a few. I got so much out of it and am so glad that I took notes! God really spoke to my heart, and I still have so much to process!

  2. Man, I can’t wait to process my notes also! I got back from Catalyst and went to Portland! Ugh, but now I am ready.
    So glad you enjoyed it. What is the biggest thing that God spoke to you about?

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