Campus Ministry vs. Church College Ministry

Lately I’ve been thinking about Church vs. Campus Ministry… let me explain.

Church College Ministry = A local church, Christ’s bride, does ministry to all ages (at least that is what a New Testament church looks like). Therefore, some churches have a specific college ministry. Whether it is something like a collegiate service, a college and singles ministry, or a young professional ministry.

Campus Ministry = BCM, Cru, IV, XA, Navigators, etc. These focus strictly on college students at the college campus. Less metro more focused on a campus…sometimes. Some things they focus on are leadership development, small groups, community, discipleship, reaching the dorms/Greeks/Athletes/Medical students/Engineers, etc.

Many students (and ministers) are very torn about the role in a person’s life. I’ve had countless conversations with people who are upset with BCMs “stealing” students. However, I love what J.D. Greear explains it in his blog post.

He talks about how both ministries are necessary in a college student’s life. It is a pretty good read so I’ll highlight what I think are some of the great points of the post.

The church is intergenerational.

This is something that I constantly stress with my students as a NT church has all generations investing in each other for the purpose of discipleship and accountability and fellowship. I’ve found this to be a huge help in my life when I was in college and now.

Campus ministry is only for 4 years; church is for life.

Something that I focus on is plugging students into a local church…that doesn’t mean just attending but actually serving. When a college student realizes that God’s plan is bigger than themselves they jump on board and start investing in some youth. Then, when that student leaves college they don’t float from church to church but find one that doesn’t serve them but that they can serve in and get fed at.

Campus ministries meet on campus, allowing students to grow and minister where they live.

Campus ministries allow students an outlet for reaching their peers as well as growing within a community that deals with similar issues.

Campus ministries specialize in dealing with the issues students face while a student.

Campus Ministries are able to focus on what just students are dealing with…and give practical advice when it comes to adversity.

Greear then outlines what students who are confused should do: serve at both. He basically says that a student should start with going to an on-campus ministry as well as attending a local church (the same one every week, no church hopping, LAME!). As the student becomes a upperclassman he or she should increase their participation in their local church. I also believe that upperclassmen should invest in freshmen and sophomores before totally leaving behind the campus ministry.

I love how someone is thinking and dealing with what I’m dealing constantly talking about. What are your thoughts?


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