A vision never changes

I was listening to Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast recently and heard a talk about Vision. Too many times people are confused about what a leader/ministry/company is about. This is when Vision comes into play. However, we many times compare vision to what exactly we are doing at the moment and wonder why it keeps changing.

Plans may change but Vision always stays the same.

When God gives a Vision to a leader, He intends for that Vision to come about. I know for me I lose sight of that many times when I keep trying to change it to make it work for whatever I am doing. We should plan the other way around. The Vision should never change…it is alright for plans to change but never the Vision.

The Vision is what people rally around and creates momentum within an organization. When a Vision is constantly changing then the people will never take you seriously.

Create momentum…change your plans when necessary…but never change the vision.


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