Love makes sacrifices

Lately God has been working on our marriage…it’s a good thing. I’ve been trying to really get my life straight while trying to be a husband who treats God’s child like a princess. Today was a good day for me. We were getting ready to leave our church from VBS today when Annie couldn’t find her keys. I have all four kids in the car going nuts and Annie tells me this. Normally, my response is hellfire and brimstone coming down on her, letting her know how stupid she is for losing her keys. But…God did an amazing thing in my heart and I was calm. Ya, I couldn’t believe it either. I even said “don’t worry about it, this is not your fault. Maybe they fell out of the bag in the nursery.” Even though we haven’t found the keys yet I am still not upset!

Then, I got to BCM and I read something cool.

Love makes sacrifices. It keeps you so tuned in to what your spouse needs that you often respond without being asked.

I’ve been working on loving my wife more than myself, which is extremely hard for me. In order to do this for her or anyone I must sacrifice myself for the sake of Christ being upfront. Jesus showed us this through Matthew 25:35-36. We are so quick to complain when life gets difficult for us and then we expect everyone to feel sorry for us or understand. But, at what point do we give ourselves up?
Then I read this:

These are the types of needs you should be looking for in your wife or husband:

  • Is he “hungry” – needing you sexually, even when you don’t feel like it? (I should’ve labeled this the PG rated post)
  • Is she “thirsty” – craving the time and attention you seem able to give to everyone else?
  • Does he feel like a “stranger” – insecure in his work, needing home to be a refuge and sanctuary? (I’m guilty of this one)
  • Is she “naked” – frightened or ashamed, desperate for the warm covering of your loving affirmation? (I’ve missed this boat way too many times)
  • Is he feeling “sick” – physically tired and needing you to help guard him from interruptions?
  • Does she feel in “prison” – fearful and depressed, needing some safety and intervention?

My question for today is: What am I going to sacrifice to show my love for my spouse and God’s children?


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