Leadership – Doing well with what you have

Wow, I needed to hear this today. Do you do well with what you have? No I don’t mean possessions. I’m talking about with what, as a leader, you’ve been entrusted with. Over at Swerve Bobby talks about Leading Up. However, you can’t lead up if the person above you can’t trust you with what you already have. I feel this right now as my brain is slap full of ideas of everything that I WANT TO DO. But, sadly enough I can’t even keep up with what I have RIGHT NOW. What do I do? Should I pursue my ideas? No, I need to do well with what I’ve been entrusted to do NOW. What about you? Are you stuck in a rut and want to break out? Here are some questions I am asking myself currently:

  1. Can I plan for the Fall yet? (no, I’m barely keeping up with last week)
  2. Is my inbox empty? (nope, not even close)
  3. Have I invested in the people God has told me to? (yes!)
  4. Do I prepare for my LifeGroup/Message/Service more than 1 day before it happens? (no! In fact I prepare for my LifeGroup 1 hour before ugh!)
  5. Am I behind on deadlines? (almost)

How can you or I expect to lead up when we can’t even keep up with what we have now?


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