Unemployed college students

Working with college students helps me see trends in the world. One of which is the economy. For example, students live in this “college” bubble where they really don’t understand what is going on the world. This is good and bad. Good because they don’t fear many things and their passion is not supressed as a result. However, when they graduate reality sets in. Seth Godin states in his blog “that 20 percent of 2009 college graduates who applied for a job actually have one.  So, what should the unfortunate 80% do?”

Here’s when I get many meetings and facebook messages from grads asking “what should I do?” That’s a tough question to answer as the job market really is tough right now. Seth Godin’s post titled “Graduate school for unemployed college students” talks about some charity events, volunteer opps, and how to stay sharp while a student is in this position. What do you think? Are you an unemployed grad? What are you doing? What as ministers can we do to help?


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