Digital Natives

Digital Natives is a term being used for people under the age of 30. I just make it into this realm but am not sure if I totally fit the profile. A post by Scott M. talks about how they/we think and react. This generation is definitely different to previous ones in values, communication, expectations and familiarity with tech. Scott posts a list of the most notable aspects of Digital Natives so check it out. But the one that hit me the most was this one:

  • Consumers are being replaced by creators. (This might be more of an economic issue, but it will effect you, to be sure.)

Even though this could be considered a more economic issue it does affect me and the BCM and all of college ministry. Onlookers and bystanders are gone. This generation craves to mashup, create, destroy, re-tweak, de-engineer, CHANGE. As a “student run” ministry this is great! I want students to constantly be challenging the mold of ministry, especially the BCM.

What will you do different? How does this affect discipling? evangelism?


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