Text Message Christianity

Have you ever had the chance to share Christ through texting? Yesterday, in the middle of Super Walmart (3 hours for grocery shopping, are you serious!) a 9th grader texted me. Let me back up first. Two years ago Jeremy and Mike came to my door to ask to mow my lawn so they could earn some cash money. That is when God built the relationship. As they would cut my lawn once every 2 weeks or so (not a great job but God told me to do it, so there.) I would talk with them and get to know them. One day I invited them to the Luis Palau festival going on and they came!

I didn’t see a change or any reflection after the festival. In fact, Mike’s house foreclosed and he moved to plant city. I didn’t see Jeremy after that. Then after about 6 months Jeremy knocked on my door. He needed help with his XBOX 360. We played on mine and talked a little bit. He told me he was reading his Bible so I invited him to church with me. He said he was coming but didn’t show. A couple more months went by and he knocked on my door (this was last week now). He dropped by to just say hi? Weird…maybe. God has a funky way of working.

He randomly texts me last night while I was at Walmart where he was scared about something he heard. Someone told him that in 2012 Jesus would come back and destroy the whole earth. This freaked the crap out of him! So we dialogged and I told him that we don’t know when Jesus will come back…but you can be sure right now that regardless when He comes you are ready.

I shared the plan of salvation with him! This was all over texting (my service has a 166 character limit! ugh!). Pretty random, especially when I was reaching for eggs and got a text. I’d stop and stand, trying to figure out what to text and to get the stupid t9 system to understand the word salvation ha!

The end is that he says he has made that decision already. Now I’m just encouraging him that he is good to go.


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