Do you ever worry about numbers? I know we aren’t supposed to but ever since I started at this position we have not reached the numbers we used to have. The previous director had roughly 125 as an average attending their large group sessions. Last semester we averaged 85 and this semester it has been 65. But, last night it was 50. I know we have to look at all the factors and the difference in generations blah blah blah. I think back to a quote that said “if you blame yourself when things are going bad then you likely to take credit when things are going great.” 

It didn’t help that when I got into the office this morning one of my interns was like “I went to this thing Cru did for a couple of minutes (while our meeting was going on) and saw that it was packed.” I’m not taking credit for our numbers being down and I keep telling myself it is not about the numbers. But what do you do when you feel like this?

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