Have you ever sat down and talked with someone who is homeless?
Since the end of the summer last year I’ve invested in a guy named Chuck. He came by our building looking for a bike from the leader of Chi Alpha, another Christian organization on campus. Since then he has been loved on by our students tremendously.

You see…Chuck has been homeless for about 12 years now. He has a short temper that gets him into a ton of trouble. I’ve had many conversations with him but today’s broke my heart.

We let Chuck use our building to get ready for interviews, wash his clothes, get warm, use the phone and we take messages from job offers for him. This past Saturday Chuck was in our kitchen getting ready to call around for jobs. He tells me this story, “As I was reaching to lift the phone it rang. I was like who is calling on a Saturday to the BCM? So I answered it and on the other line was a female asking for a Charles Irvine. Right then and there I knew it was my daughter.”

Chuck hasn’t talked to his daughter in 10 years! What a God moment! As he is telling me this story his eyes well up as he says, “I’m so glad she’s happy, her kids are beautiful, she wants to help.” He then tells me how he has messed up so much and doesn’t want to die without leaving something for her and his grandchildren. His final shot in this world, he says, is a song he has written called “Everything So Green.” The song is about his life and how God still watches over him.

I hand him a gift card for target and he can’t speak. He tells me how amazing the students here have been to him. He wants to get to Memphis to get his song published so he can provide for his family again.

When was the last time you listened to someone without a home? He didn’t want me to talk…just listen.


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