Catalyst 08

So I went to Catalyst last week (Oct 8-10, 2008) and, just like last year, was blown away. The quality of the conference, the information, the lifechange, everything was awesome. I have so much to write about it but I am leaving for another trip tomorrow! Ugh! So here’s what I will do. Each time I am able to write will be in this schedule:

  1. General takeaways/opening
  2. 1st Andy Stanley
  3. William Paul Young
  4. Jim Collins
  5. Steven Furtick and Branda Salter McNeil
  6. Seth Godin
  7. Craig Groeschel
  8. Tim Sanders
  9. Dave Ramsey
  10. Franklin Graham
  11. Andy Crouch
  12. Matt Chandler
  13. 2nd Andy Stanley
  14. Misc. Catalyst Stuff (Tech, Atmosphere, etc) and Night For Africa with the 410 Bridge

So why am I doing this when every other blogger in the world will be doing the same thing? Not for you (because no one reads this blog) but for me. I will be putting personal takeaways on each of these so I can rehash and see what God has for me (remember the bigger post?) as a result. I like this blog because it helps me collect my thoughts for a later time. I don’t use a journal because I feel like I am writing to myself and that, to me, feels like I am being self-centered (ya, i know i’m already contradicting myself).


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