Every once in a while I get this feeling. It’s a little like the feeling I get after I’ve been to a Chinese buffet place and ate as much as a whole football team. I love those little fried dumplings and crab rangoon (my wife got me hooked on those even before we were married). This feeling makes me uneasy. Maybe you have had it before. A feeling that causes you to think, “am I doing what God really wants me to do?”

When I get these feelings I worry because when a friend has that feeling God is getting ready to uproot him. Majority of the time it is to a new location. However, every once in a while it’s a new mindset or even a smackdown. I’m not sure… I want to do something bigger than this. I know God has a plan for my life but why am I feeling like I want to do something big, bigger than my feeble little self…


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