Kick on Tech

So, I’m on a kick on tech (did that make sense?). Every once in a while I bring out my MIS Major and get back to my roots. Today I was reminiscing about my first computer. It was a pentium 400mhz (I think) with only 2mb of RAM! The first thing I did when I got it was play Indiana Jones on it. Well that lasted about 5 min b/c I had to go upgrade the RAM to 4mb in order to play it ha! Now I have 3gb of ram, crazyness.

I was up until 2:30am this morning figuring out the whole wordpress installation and implementation of the CSS Gallery

I got all excited and now I’m writing a facebook app and coming up with web 2.0 applications for our site.

If anyone can help with this stuff please do! In fact this new site called is something I want to do for our local college ministry. BTW, check out how cool that application is, what a great way of getting others to pray for you.


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