Does God every get sick of our whining? I whine all the time, my wife calls it complaining. I was reading in 1 Kings 19 about how Elijah just had this amazing spiritual moment when God defeated the prophets of Ba’al. But then, he cowers in fear and whines to God. The Lord just says wait for me on the mountain. Then there is a mighty wind, fire and earthquake but God is not there. It is in the still and gentle whisper when God reveals Himself to Elijah and hears his whining. So many times God has to get our attention first before He can do anything as a result of our whining. Then, He is able to minister to us. Lord, please help me shut up.


One thought on “Whining

  1. i whine alot too. even now i feel like i just want curse him but then i remember the things he had done for me and its more than i can whine about.

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