Ministry: more than “ministry?”

Have you ever realized how hard ministry is? This thing called “ministry” is not something you do when going to an office, or working during hours, or meeting people for lunch. Ministry is a FULL-TIME thing. Tonight my wife and I (along with some of her family) went to go see the movie I Am Legend. I have been waiting for this movie since it was announced! I am a huge fan of Will Smith’s movies, plus it just looked stinking cool! Well, my wife was asking her brother (who had just seen it about a week ago) if it was scary. He was like “kinda” (in the way a college student talks about everything). So we went. I have a point, yes it involves the movie…

I never realized how much my wife HATES scary movies. I’m not a big fan of scary movies that are gory like Saw and others. I really like suspenseful ones though. The movie begins with no explanation of what is really going on. There is no music, just sounds, very tense. After about a half an hour (and a couple of jump out of your seat scenes) I feel my arm going numb. My wife has her head buried in my shoulder and an incredibly strong wonder-woman like grip on my arm that is cutting off circulation. Then, my heart starts to break because I feel my shoulder get wet. I turn to her and realize she is so scared she is crying. I tell her “let’s go.” To which she replies (sniffling) “no.” Now realize, I LOVE MOVIES. I can’t stand it when a cell phone goes off or someone gets up or even coughs! We are at the pinnacle of the movie SPOILER ALERT: (the part when the mutations set a trap for Will Smith).

I immediately yell in my head NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But, then God grabs a hold of me and says “this is your time for ministry to your wife.” So I decided to stay and let her cry for the rest of the movie.

Ha! Just kidding. We went to Walmart and bought our 10 month old daughter a baby doll for Christmas and then picked up the rest of the gang and went home. I have no idea the impact, if any, my decision to leave made on my wife. But, I know it ministered to my heart. Plus I get free tickets for the next movie since we left early ha!


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