Today I went to Embry-Riddell Uninversity, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, THE leader in the world for aeronautics. It was homecoming weekend for them, so I went with FBC Daytona to feed free food to students (not literally, that would be weird). I ended up talking a ton about computer, World of Warcraft and CPU’s, that’s computer talk for computers again. It’s always interesting to talk computers with students who think they know everything about computers, everyone thinks they know more. Little do they know that I’m the master of computers and they just need to shut up!

Anyway, I talked to two students Sundi and Amed (sp?). Both were easy to talk to and really nice people. I ended up using soularim to get deeper with them. It was really cool to hear their views. Amed is a Muslim and said that he prays and follows the religion. Sundi didn’t really talk about what she believed. Amed really focused on wanting money and being able to fly commercially throughout the process. His view on God was that of a creator while Sundi saw Him as something that gives people joy. I love this tool because you then get to upload the results on the website and see how differing students think. You can purchase soularium here.


4 thoughts on “Soularium

  1. FYI: It’s spelled EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY, not Embry-Riddell Uninversity.

    And there is no such word as “ANYWAYS.”

    It’s “ANYWAY.”

  2. By the way, I’m an ERAU alumnus (Graduate).

    Alumnus: Male Graduate or former student (pl. Alumni)
    Alumna: Female Graduate or former student (pl. Alumnae)

    Have a nice day!

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