It’s hard to write a message when you are angry

I’m an idiot. No really I am. Do you realize how hard it is to formulate a message when you are angry?

Last night my wife had her normal woman’s Bible study. Normally, I leave because it is about purity. But, she wanted me to stay because Eden had not been sleeping. So I did. I hit up the bedroom and jumped on the wi-fi and did some reports. Right as I was going to start my message Annie walked in with Eden and said take her, she’s screaming.

This is how it all started. I wasn’t too miffed with holding Eden. People always said that a little girl will wrap her daddy around her pinky. Ha! Not me! No way! That was until she started to smile. Ya, I lost that battle real quick. Every time I walk in the house she crawls over to me with this gigantic smile. So, back to the story… I was holding Eden, in the dark, by myself for an hour! My back was killing me!

Then after everyone left, Eden would scream until Annie picked her up. I get ready to start my message, I open my computer, get my books and sit on the couch. As soon as this happens Annie says, can I ask you something? I knew something was about to happen….something bad. We ended up arguing about something really stupid….and I’m still mad at her! Like I said I am an idiot.

Have you tried writing a message while you are angry? It’s not working.


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